A Signal Temporal Logic Motion Planner for Bird Diverter Installation Tasks with Multi-Robot Aerial Systems

Alvaro Caballero and Giuseppe Silano

This paper addresses the problem of task assignment and trajectory generation for installing bird diverters using a fleet of multi-rotors. The proposed solution extends our previous motion planner to compute feasible and constrained trajectories, considering payload capacity limitations and recharging constraints. Signal Temporal Logic (STL) specifications are employed to encode the mission objectives and temporal requirements. Additionally, an event-based replanning strategy is introduced to handle unforeseen failures. An energy minimization term is also employed to implicitly save multi-rotor flight time during installation operations. The effectiveness and validity of the approach are demonstrated through simulations in MATLAB and Gazebo, as well as field experiments carried out in a mock-up scenario.

Multimedia materials:

Numerical Results - Bird diverter installation in MATLAB

Experimental simulations - Bird diverter installation in Gazebo

Experimental Results - Bird diverter installation and event-triggered replanner in real-world

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