Micro Aerial Vehicles - platforms

Multi-robot Systems group operates a wide variety of aerial platforms for research and other deployments. All our platforms are capable of completely autonomous flight and operation. Various sensory packages are used for different tasks, allowing autonomous operation in difficult environments with obstacles, without GPS, and with poor or no lighting. Our MAVs are running a custom software solution developed by our group. It is based on ROS, which enables rapid software development and easy integration.



Our platforms are equipped with PixHawk flight controller running the PX4 stack, which acts as a low-level controller. Each platform has also a powerful onboard computer, usually an Intel NUC. This computer runs all the control and estimation algorithms, and takes in data from multiple sensors. Our drones can communicate and actively avoid collisions with each other or with the environmental obstacles.

We are able to build a MAV platform for your needs. Simply use dronebuilder web page and let us know what you would like to have.

MAV platforms:

Tarot T650 Sport

Our large general-purpose platform with high lifting capability. Ideal for larger payloads and sensors, and longer flights. It can be easily modified and customized for different applications. This platform was used to solve all the challenges at the MBZIRC 2020 robotics competition.


  • 650mm frame
  • 15″ carbon fiber propellers
  • 4x 4114 320kV motors
  • 6S 8000mAh LiPo battery
  • ~3.5kg liftoff weight

DJI F550

Medium general-purpose platform. With six rotors, this platform can carry a large assortment of sensors and payloads. This was the main platform of our group in the years 2016-2019. It was used to solve all drone challenges in the 2017 MBZIRC competition. Nowadays, it is the main platform for our students to test their work in the real world.


  • 550mm frame
  • 9.4″ plastic propellers
  • 6x 2312 920kV motors
  • 4S 6750mAh LiPo battery
  • ~2.5kg liftoff weight