System Dedrone detects helicopters in your no-fly zone using pre-installed cameras and radio transmitters. Based on detected radio signals and image processing from the cameras, the system distinguishes a helicopter from other objects, like birds. If a hostile helicopter flies into your no-fly zone, system Dedrone detects it and sends a command to start an autonomous helicopter with a capture net.

Defensive helicopter with the capture net autonomously starts in response to drone alerts and flies to an area of hostile helicopter estimated position, continuously updated by the Dedrone system. Defensive helicopter then uses its onboard cameras and other sensors to precisely track down the hostile helicopter. It uses onboard artificial intelligence for drone detection, classification, tracking, target trajectory estimation, movement prediction and offensive manoeuvre planning. With target being focused by onboard artificial neural networks, the helicopter shoots a net to capture the hostile helicopter. The offensive manoeuvre is triggered by onboard computer, which gathers information from onboard sensors. The trigger can also be preceded by a confirmation from a system’s operator. However, security critical applications can use the system solely in autonomous mode without any operator to speed up the defensive manoeuvre. After catching the helicopter, the net remains connected to the defensive helicopter via a rope, preventing the caught object to fall down. It can then take away the target safely and land it down at a specified spot.

System is fully autonomous thanks to cutting-edge control and computer vision techniques. It provides protection of your privacy from paparazzi drones, defense mechanism for critical infrastructure, airports, government institutions, power stations, stadiums or public events against drone attacks, fully autonomous robotic solution to protect you and your family 24/7, or protection of borders, jails and prisons from forbidden objects delivery by drones.


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