Optimum Trajectory Planning for Multi-Rotor UAV Relays with Tilt and Antenna Orientation Variations

Daniel Bonilla, Giuseppe Silano, Mounir Ghogho, and Martin Saska

Multi-rotor UAV need to tilt in order to move; this modifies the UAV's antenna orientation. We consider the scenario where a multi-rotor UAV serves as a communication relay between a BS  and another UAV. We propose a framework to generate feasible trajectories for the multi-rotor UAV relay while considering its motion dynamics and the motion-induced changes of the antenna orientation. The UAV relay's trajectory is optimized to maximize the end-to-end number of bits transmitted. Numerical simulations in MATLAB and Gazebo show the benefits of accounting for the  antenna orientation variations due to the UAV tilt. 


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MATLAB Simulation Results

Gazebo Simulation Results


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